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Reserves: Overview

Reserves Policy

Reserve materials are considered high-demand items required for certain courses. Faculty wishing to place materials on reserves are to bring their materials to the Circulation Desk along with a completed Reserves Request Form for each individual request.

To place a library item on reserve please fill out this form 

To place a personal item on reserve please fill out this form




Felician University faculty with access to an eCompanion or eCourse site may choose to place certain course materials on eReserves. Faculty wishing to utilize this service are asked to bring their materials to the Circulation Desk on the Lodi campus along with a completed eReserves Request Form and Fair Use Checklist for each individual request.

The eReserves Request Form can be found here 

Within a week of receiving your request, library staff will scan these materials and e-mail the faculty member a separate PDF file for each request made. Faculty is expected to them upload these PDF files to the "Doc Sharing" tab on their eCollege course site.

Please note that the Library works hard to ensure it complies with U.S. copyright and fair use laws. Due to this, one of the restrictions we place on e-Reserve request each semester is that faculty may only request the digitization of 1 chapter per book, 1 article per journal, up to a maximum of 25 requests total per semester.