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MLA Style - 9th Edition : Home


This guide is a quick introduction to the Modern Language Association 9th edition citation style. Be sure to consult the MLA Handbook or the online MLA Style Center for detailed standards and procedures. 

MLA Style is primarily used to cite sources within the language arts, cultural studies, & other humanities disciplines such as: 

  • English Studies - Language and Literature
  • Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • Literary Criticism
  • Comparative Literature

The expanded 9th edition of the MLA Style Manual was published April 2021. 

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Introduction to Citation Styles: MLA 9th ed.

MLA Style Center

  • sample papers in MLA Style
  • guidelines for avoiding plagiarism
  • a works-cited quick guide providing an overview of how to use the template of core elements
  • an interactive version of the template that can be used for practice
  • hundreds of example citations, including examples grouped by format
  • writing tips from the MLA editors

What's New in the 9th Edition?

The main change is that the MLA Handbook is now acting both as a textbook and a great reference guide. If you already know how to cite by using MLA 8 format, you will already be familiar with how to use the current MLA edition. The significant changes you will encounter are mostly related to the use of containers for different media types and the use (or principles) of inclusive language. The new edition makes the previous MLA 8 format clearer with minor updates and examples that must be considered to avoid confusion.


  • expanded, in-depth guidance on how to use the MLA template of core elements to create works-cited-list entries
    • shows what each core element is, where to find it, and how to style it
  • clarification that element names are not always literal and can apply to a range of situations (e.g., the Publisher element can refer to the publisher of a book or a sponsoring organization like the theater company that put on a play)
  • a new, easy-to-follow explanation of in-text citations
  • a new chapter containing recommendations for using inclusive language
  • updated guidelines on avoiding plagiarism
  • a new chapter on formatting a research paper
  • new, expanded guidelines on spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and more
  • a new chapter on using notes in MLA style