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About the Libraries: Policies

All policies apply at both the Lodi Campus Library and the Rutherford Campus Library


  • Food: dry, non-perishable snacks (chips, crackers, cookies, etc.) Drinks in covered containers only.
  • No talking on cell phones, be respectful of students studying.  If you must talk, have your conversation outside the library.
  • No littering.
  • No smoking.
  • No feet on furniture.
  • Printing cost: Black & white - $0.05 per page / Color - $0.25 per page.  The color printer is located in Room 206 at the Rutherford Campus Library.
  • Copier printing: Black & white - $0.10 per page / Color - $0.25 per page.  The color copier is located in Room 206 at the Rutherford Campus Library.  The Toshiba copier does scan, patrons can scan their items to a USB flash drive.
  • Children must be supervised by an adult.
  • Library materials must be properly charged out before leaving library. Books and bags may be inspected.
  • Persons who attempt to steal library materials will be subject to strict disciplinary action and possible legal action. New Jersey State law permits the physical detention of anyone suspected of stealing library materials. Both the Lodi Campus Library and the Rutherford Campus Library have a variety of security systems in place to prevent theft. 

Access and Borrowing

  • Library cards
    • Use your Felician ID card to have a library account created.  This will allow you to borrow materials from the library and reserve group study rooms. Stop by the Lodi Campus Library or the Rutherford Campus Library. 
    • You are responsible for all materials borrowed with your library card/ID as well as any fines accrued on those materials. This includes materials borrowed by another student using your library card/ID. Report lost cards immediately. 
  • Borrowing
    • You may borrow a maximum of forty books at any one time.
    • Materials placed on reserve by faculty may not be checked out of the library. They can be used in the library for brief periods per the faculty's stipulations. 
  • Library fines
    • Checked out materials: $0.10/day for each item not returned by the due date.
    • Reserve materials: $1.00/day for each item not returned by the due time.(The fine for reserve books is $1 per day; for overnight reserve books, the fine is $5 if returned after 24 hours, plus $5 for each additional day.)
    • Library fines and charges which remain unpaid will be turned over to a collection agency.
  • Lost materials
    • Lost books are subject to cost of replacement copy and $30 processing fee. Out-of-print books may cost more to replace than their original cost.
  • Withholding grades and transcripts
    • Grades and transcripts will be withheld until all borrowed items are returned and/or all fines are cleared from library accounts.

Group Study Rooms

Click here for the Group Study Policy.

InterLibrary Loan

  • If the Felician University Library does not own or subscribe to the book or article that you need, we try to borrow it from another library. 
  • To request, please complete an InterLibrary Loan (ILL) Request Form.
  • ILL materials take up to two weeks to arrive. Articles will be sent to your Felician email account. Books will be available for pick up at the library; you will receive an email notifying you when the item is ready.
  • Yoou are responsible for the timely return of all ILL materials. Fines for overdue ILL materials are $0.10/day day and may result in the loss of ILL privileges, holding of grades and transcripts, and possible disciplinary action by the University.